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On the 20th of December, the auditorium buzzed with intellectual fervour and enthusiasm as the school celebrated National Mathematics Day under the theme “Mathematics for everyone”. The event spanning from 11:00 am to 1:25pm, unfolded as a tapestry of Mathematical brilliance and creative expressions.


The event commenced with a warm welcome note by Miss Mithra Nivetha of Class XI B, who quoted that “Math is a universal language”. The guests of honour that included the Principal Mr. Deepak Patankar, Vice Principal Mr. Mammikutty, Assistant Vice Principals Mr. Vipin Das and Mrs. J. Anita Rose, Head of the Maths Department, Mr. Narayanankutty and Subject Incharge Mrs. Meena Venkat were gracefully welcomed with bouquets by Miss Sara John of Class III C, setting the tone for an engaging and enlightening day.

The Head of the Mathematics Department Mr. Narayanan Kutty delivered a comprehensive report, shedding light on the department's recent initiatives. Notable among these were the inception of a math club for classes 3&4, laurels achieved by the students for the 6th consecutive year in the Math competitions held at Dhofar University. The display of various math activities showcased the department's commitment to enhancing students' mathematical skills.

The Principal unveiled the Math Club logo, symbolizing “Constructing Brighter Minds” a fitting representation of the department's vision.

The event unfolded further with a captivating presentation by Master Aswin Venkata Subramanian of Class XI B and Master Aarnav Gupta of XI B, who delved into the life and contributions of the mathematical luminary, Srinivasa Ramanujan. They summed up on Number theory, Infinite series, Hardy-Ramanujan numbers, and Infinite root summation, captivating the audience with the beauty and depth of mathematical concepts.

The atmosphere shifted to a more interactive mode with a Rubik's Cube competition for classes 3&4, introduced by Mr. Latheesh. Master Alister of  IV F won the 1st  position and Miss Isha Fathima of III C won  the 2nd position.  Master Adam Jameel of IV H won the 3rd position. The Rubik’s cube competition of classes 5 & 6 were bagged by Master Madhav of VI F with 1st prize, Master Huzayl of VI A with the 2nd prize and Master Aruthchelvan of V G with the 3rd prize.

Miss. Mithra Niveda of Class XI B added a poetic touch to the proceedings with her recitation titled "Mathematics: The Poetry of Precision," underscoring the elegance and precision inherent in mathematical concepts.

 The Principal in his address congratulated the students, acknowledging the hard work and dedication of the Math teachers in fostering a thriving mathematical environment. The event continued to unfold with a showcase of unique talent by Isha Fathima, who demonstrated remarkable skills in rapid calculations. The audience marvelled at her ability to add 20 single-digit numbers in seconds and perform complex multiplications with astonishing speed.

Rubik’s Cube competitions extended to higher classes (7&8, 9 to 12), and the 1st  was bagged by Master Giridhar of VIIIF, 2nd position by Master Parth Dwivedi of VIII F  and the 3rd position by  Master Yuvan Eshaan  of VII D. Master Sai Adeep of X G bagged the 1st  prize and Master Advaith of Class IX D secured the 2nd and Master Jeffin Thomas of IX G was awarded the 3rd prize in the senior category.

 The Sudoku prizes were bagged by Devadharshini and Devanandan in classes 5& 6 category, Syeda and Meghna in Classes 7& 8 category and Aavani and Aditya in the senior category.

The day continued with engaging games, including puzzle mysteries of math. Master Hayan, Miss Rona and Miss Christia secured the prizes for the same. The day energized with a quiz that showcased the students' depth of mathematical knowledge. The team of Jeffin and Niha Joshy lifted the first position and the team of Shaikh Shams Tauseef and Abhishek Shylesh lifted the runner up position.

Prize distribution ceremonies punctuated the event, with recognition for outstanding achievements in Rubik's Cube competitions, Sudoku contests across different classes, and other intellectual endeavours.  Mrs. Anita Rose, in her address, emphasized the real-life importance of learning mathematics, connecting the abstract concepts to practical applications. A lucky game with solid shapes added an element of suspense and fun to the event, with winners receiving their prizes from Mr. Vipin Das. The day concluded with a heartfelt vote of thanks by Miss. Pradhanya, expressing gratitude to the children for their active participation and recognizing the collective effort that made the National Mathematics Day Celebrations a resounding success.

National Mathematics Day was indeed a day of mathematical marvels, leaving an indelible mark on the minds of all who attended.