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Indian school Salalah observed World Computer Security Day on 30th November 2023. The programme witnessed the gracious presence of Principal Mr. Deepak Patankar, Vice Principal Mr.Mammikutty and AVP Mr. Vipin Das. An awareness programme was organised by the IT club of Computer Science Department headed by Mr Mohammed Javed HOD, Computer Science department.

The programme commenced with the welcome address by Abhigna Jayanthi of 10 A. Fizza Basheer of 11 A, Stefnan Shaji of I2 E and Nicole of 8 D threw light on the topic “Cyber Security” with a presentation. The presentation created awareness among the audience on Cyber security threats like Phishing, Malware, DDOS attacks, social engineering and weak passwords. Protective measures on how to retain data safely was emphasized.

One of the interesting aspects of the programme was the cyber security tips presented by Sahana Balaji of 8 B and Shauryavir Singh of 9 H. Robo-race by classes 7 and 8 was the highlight of the programme .The participants Aarav Malvia , Aditya, Ishan Pratap Varma, Yuvan Ishan Mandala were the proud winners of the team which secured A+ grade in STAI – 2023. They demonstrated and illustrated the functions of robots using a model made by the team.

A presentation on Educational Chatbot about space by Nandhini Velmurugan, Hensi Devshi and Anson K Santhosh of XII B included its objectives, functions, NLP, workflow, introducing Luna and user interface. A skit on cyber security awareness by students of class XI and XII cautioned the students about Cybercrimes and scams. The victims of Phishing scam in real life situations were portrayed by the students.

A presentation on Network Security by Yeasrif Rahman and Renin Babu of class XI briefed about the security of digital life and the need for implementing measures for network security. Eloquent speeches by Vareesha Javed and Fiona Lizbeth Gibu on the topic “AI- a double-edged sword—unleashing innovation as a boon, yet beckoning caution as a potential curse” enlightened the audience. They threw light on the advantages and disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.

A pledge on Cyber Security was administered by Alqama of 11 A and Rachel Jeanna Meeran of 10 D.

Vice Principal Mr. Mammikutty, in his address urged the students to develop Robots and apps for the institution. AVP Mr. Vipindas, shared his experiences about cyber traps. In his address he appreciated HOD Mr Mohammad Javed, teaching and non-teaching faculty members of Computer science department for their efforts and contributions to the school. The programme ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Aneeta Sini Sibu of 10 D.