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Indian school Salalah observed vigilance awareness day on 05-11-2023 with great enthusiasm and dedication, emphasizing the importance of integrity and vigilance in our daily life. The motto of the programme was “Say no to corruption; commit to the nation”. The event aimed to instill these values among the students, staff, and the entire school community.

The highlight of the day was poster making, where students showcased their creativity and highlighted the importance of the day. They created eye-catching posters that conveyed the significance of being vigilant, honest, and responsible citizens. The posters were displayed throughout the school premises, creating a vibrant and informative atmosphere.

A pledge ceremony was conducted, in which students, teachers and staff members took an oath to uphold the principle of vigilance and integrity in their personal and professional lives. The solemn pledge reinforced the school’s commitment to promote these values among its members and fight against corruption.

The event witnessed active participation from students, teachers, and staff demonstrating their collective commitment in fostering a corruption free society.

The Vigilance Awareness Day celebration organized by Social Science department of Indian School Salalah effectively conveyed the message for a corruption free society. The School hopes that the impact of this event will extend beyond the day and influence the behaviour and attitude of its students and staff for fostering a corruption free society.