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Kindness Day at the primary wing of Indian School Salalah was a heart-warming and uplifting event that brought students and teachers together to observe and promote acts of kindness. 

The activities planned were a perfect amalgamation of fun and meaning to the purpose of the day. The day began by teachers talking to the young learners about the importance of being kind to everyone and thus creating a happy atmosphere around.

The excitement and high spirits vibrated through classrooms as the students got ready for the hands on activities for the day.

 Students are able to learn better and connect to theories and knowledge learnt in the classrooms to real-world situations by experiential learning process. Students were given 12 situations where they could promote acts of kindness.

The students did role plays to depict 12 ways to be kind to people around. Later a group activity was organized where the 12 ways to show kindness were drawn and short and simple messages related to kindness were written below the pictures. Each group came up to present their colorful chart work with pride and exhilaration.

Finally, the students enjoyed learning a song on kindness and watching short stories on the topic. The day ended with the students talking about how well they understood the meaning of kindness and made a solemn promise to be kind to others.