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The department of Social Science, Indian School Salalah organized a mock U N General Assembly to mark the UN Day on 26th, October,2023. UN day is observed on 24th October every year to commemorate the foundation of United Nations Organisation. The United Nations organization was founded with the aim to bring countries of the world together to preserve international peace and security.

The students of class IX took part in the Programme as delegates, representing their given countries in the General Assembly session. The programme began with a welcome address delivered by Ms. Sanghamitra of class IX H.

 Mast. Suryadev of IX F, as the president of the assembly briefed on the agenda of the session- Together Towards Sustainable Development and invited the Secretary General-Mast.Nuaif of IX B- to open the session.  

The students of class IX, as delegates representing various member countries, made a thought-provoking analysis on the various dimensions of sustainable development. Their commitment towards realizing the objective of sustainable development was brilliantly projected through their speeches. The student delegates made their presence in the national attire of their respective member countries and also delivered their speeches in the native language of the given country. The meticulous effort taken by the students to make the programme informative and memorable was well appreciated by the spectators.

In his concluding speech, Mr. Unnikrishnan, Head of the Social Science department, threw light upon the sustainable development goals of United Nations and highlighted various global issues that the mankind is confronting with. Mr. Mammikutty, the Vice Principal, in his address, appreciated and acknowledged the efforts taken by the Social Science department for having come up with an event of this kind.

The programme ended with the vote of thanks proposed by Ms. Nandana Anil kumar of IX A.