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Kerala Piravi, also known as Kerala Formation Day, is a significant celebration in the Indian state of Kerala. It marks the birth of the state of Kerala on November 1, 1956, and is an occasion to celebrate the rich cultural heritage, traditions, and unique history of this coastal state. The Malayalam department of Indian School Salalah commemorated the 67th Kerala Piravi with great enthusiasm and reverence, ensuring that students had the opportunity to learn and appreciate the significance of this historic day.

Mr. Mohammad Jabir Shareef, Chairman CCA and Sports Sub-Committee and an active social worker, presided over the function as the Chief Guest along with the gracious presence of  Dr. Abubacker Siddique, President of the School Management Committee. The function began with the welcome address by Miss Parvana of class IX E.

The Chief Guest of the Day, Mr. Mohammad Jabir Shareef, in his inaugural address advised the students to respect their mother tongue and also to uphold the cultural heritage and tradition of Kerala. He stressed on the significance of motherhood and the teacher-student relationship by reminiscing about real-life experiences from his life. Dr. Abubacker Siddique, President of the School Management Committee, in his address told that Kerala  is not only known for its scenic beauty but also for its communal harmony. He highlighted that the industrious nature of the people of Kerala has helped the state succeed in its endeavours.

Principal Mr. Deepak Patankar, in his speech highlighted that the Kerala Piravi celebration would help every student understand the culture of Kerala. He expressed his wish to learn the language and to visit this beautiful land. In his speech, Vice Principal Mr. Mammikutty highlighted the significance of preserving communal harmony among ourselves. Assistant Vice Principal, Mr. Vipindas, emphasized the importance of upholding values in life. He appreciated all the participants and teachers for their efforts in putting up a colourful display of cultural extravaganza. Assistant Vice Principal Mrs. Anita Rose emphasized that tolerance of cultural values is a striking feature of Kerala and that the highest level of collective human achievements in all aspects of life makes the state and its people unique.

Children in traditional Kerala attire mesmerized the viewers with their elegant performances. The day began with a heartfelt poem recitation by Miss Parvathy and Master Karthik centered around the theme of Kerala's rich cultural and natural beauty. Ms. Anikha of class 5E captivated the viewers with her excellent story narration. One of the highlights of the Kerala Piravi celebration was the screening of a short film titled "Amma," which took the audience on a cinematic journey depicting the significance of motherhood in everyone’s life. Nrithavishkaram, “Kanalpottu” enthralled the viewers with its rhythmic, magical moves. The scintillating semi-classical dance performance by students of class 9 left the viewers spellbound. 

The celebration concluded with the vote of thanks proposed by M. Julia of class 9A. The Kerala Piravi observance at Indian School Salalah was a remarkable and educational experience for students, staff, and the entire school community. It allowed everyone to foster a deeper appreciation for the state's history, culture and traditions.