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Children’s day marks the birth anniversary of the first prime minister of India, Pandit. Jawaharlal Nehru. Indian School Salalah celebrated the children’s day on 14th November 2020 through the virtual platform with great zeal and excitement. The teachers presented a colourful programme to make the children feel special on this joyous occasion. Dr. R. Navaneetha Krishnan, member SMC, and Chairman of CCA-Sub committee honoured the occasion as the chief guest of the day. Principal Mr. Deepak Patankar, Assistant Vice Principal Ms. Anantha Lakshmi and HODs of various departments, the teaching faculty, parents and the children watched this happy occasion through YouTube.

The ceremony commenced with the pleasant welcome speech by the anchor of the programme, Ms. Tabassum Farhan from the Department of English. Dr. R. Navaneetha Krishnan, member SMC, and Chairman of CCA-Sub committee honoured the occasion as the chief guest of the day. He highlighted the importance of Children’s day through his informative speech. He said that one must run faster to stay in the race that is life. He advised the children to plan well and work hard to execute the same. He advised the parents to listen to the children by sparing their valuable time.

 Principal Mr. Deepak Patankar expressed his heartiest wishes to the children. In his address, he stressed on the need of a great bond between the teacher and the students by sharing an anecdote.  He emphasized that childhood is not only for enjoyment but also to realize one’s responsibility towards parents, teachers and the society. He told the children to appreciate the gift of childhood bestowed upon them. He applauded the efforts of the teachers for putting up a spectacular show.

The talented group of Kindergarten teachers entertained the children for the all-time favourite rhyme ‘Old Mac Donald’ and mesmerized everyone. Class 3 and 4 teachers presented a humourous skit based on Online classes which portrayed the current scenario in a comic manner. Mr. Binoy, (Department of English) Mr.Yeshwant (Department of French) and Mr. Nandakumar (Department of Computer Science) were behind the team of the video presentation of Letters to Indira. Ms.Reeshma, Ms Nisha, (Department of Commerce) Ms. Vidhya, (Department of Science) and Ms.Seema Yeshwant, (Department of Hindi) created awareness on precautions to be taken during this pandemic through their amazing mime performance. Mr. Shaiju Augustine, (Department of Art) showcased his creativity through a paper relief art of Jawaharlal Nehru. Ms. Blessy Jojesh, Ms. Rekha Prasanth, Primary teachers, Mr. Ishwar Deshmukh, Mr. Parvinder Singh, Mr. Farhan (Department of Physical Education)  Ms.Bindu Kala, Ms. Deepthi,  Mr.Rajesh from Department of Music, Mr.Hareesh (Department of Social Science) and Ms. Mini Chandrika (Department of Malayalam) captivated  the students of Indian School Salalah with their spell binding performances. The programmes presented by the teachers made the children’s day fun filled and memorable that will be etched in the young minds for a long time.