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Reflecting on the contributions of United Nations Organisation towards global peace and security, Indian School Salalah observed the UN Day on 24 th October, 2020. Students from classes 8 to 12 participated in the virtual event marking the 75 th anniversary of the United Nations Organisation. The programme began with a welcome speech, delivered by Ayman Arif of X F.

The participants, through presentations, posters and speeches, remarkably articulated their views and convictions on the purpose, objectives and relevance of this dynamic global organization- The United Nations Organisation. The programme threw light on the objectives of UNO, the role of India with UNO in peace keeping, functions of its principal organs and the contributions of UN Secretary Generals. The occasion indeed, reminded the young minds to reaffirm our commitment to the ideals of the United Nations.
The Principal, Mr. Deepak Patankar, in his address, acclaimed the ethical commitment exhibited by the United Nations Organisations in establishing and maintaining international peace and security. He appreciated the students and teachers of the Social Science department for their stupendous effort and high spirit of enthusiasm that made the event a memorable one.

The vote of thanks, proposed by Irine Anna Sunil of X D. marked the end of the programme.