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2nd October is observed as the International Day of Non- Violence as it marks the birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, the leader of the Indian independence movement and pioneer of the philosophy and strategy of non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi is revered in India as the father of the nation, the man who altered the course of the history of our nation, who is revered all over the world as one of history’s most transformative and inspirational figures.

Indian School Salalah celebrated Gandhi Jayanthi with zeal and enthusiasm on the virtual platform to commemorate the 151st birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi. To mark the occasion, a spectacular programme was presented on the virtual platform by the students of Indian school Salalah.

The programme commenced with a welcome address by Miss. Sanghamitra K V of class VI followed by Gandhiji’s favourite devotional song-Raghupathi Raghava rajaram.

The Principal in his address stated that Gandhiji is an inspiration not only to India but to the whole world through his message of ahimsa and non- violence. He expressed that Martin Luther King and Nelson Mandela were influenced by the principles of Gandhiji. He shared an incident about Gandhiji’s honesty as a child for students. He also quoted the words of Mahatma Gandhi -”I have nothing new to teach the world. Truth and non violence are as old as the hills”.

The students MissParvathi Sunil and Kruthi in their eloquent speeches expressed their tribute to Gandhiji who relentlessly strived for India’s independence. In their speech they highlighted the struggle and sacrifice made by Gandhiji for Mother India.

Self composed poems bringing forth the ideals and message of Mahatma Gandhi was rendered by Ayush, Aril panda, Ananya, Manithra Augustine, Sakhti Nickita and Zeba.

Mast Oliver Jojesh James, Miss Sandra and Siddharth Jayaprakash narrated stories of childhood days of Gandhiji. They were based on Gandhiji’s pursuit of truth and honesty amidst difficulties. It also threw light on Gandhiji’s values of equality for the down trodden and the oppressed.

Poster presentations by the students were informative and enlightening. These interesting and inspiring posters communicated perceptively, concisely and effectively the Educational Philosophies of Gandhiji.

The students sang and danced to the tunes of Vaishnavo Janatho, Raghupathi Ragahava and other patriotic songs. Tiny tots of KG section paid tribute to Gandhiji through various dance forms.

Master Elvis Kurian of class VI H genuinely depicted Gandhji’s “Do or Die” speech in the form of declamation. He spoke on Gandhiji’s vision of truth, love and equality which inspired India to give its all for independence.

 Mast Jeffin of class VI H presented a review of Gandhi’s Autobiography - The story of my experiments with truth. It highlighted the life of Gandhiji from childhood till 1921. The viewers had a glimpse of reminiscences of childhood, social work in Africa, return to India, his quest for dharma, his slow and steady work for political awakening and social activities.

Power point presentation on Gandhi’s life was presented by class VI students. They portrayed the major accomplishments and important freedom movements under the leadership of Gandhiji.

The compering team included Adam,  Anaha, Arman,  Bhavwath Surya, Daksha Pillai, Maria Shanthi, Miraclein, Nisha Joshua, Prijith, Wafa and Yazhini. From classVI. The programme came to an end with the vote of thanks proposed by Miss Sanghamitra of class VI