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Our Vision

To create awareness among the students on environment and environmental care towards a green future.

Our Motto

  1. To promote environmental awareness and enhance the concepts.
  2. Support the principles of environmental awareness through managing and following up implementations.
  3. Setting up the general policies, preparing plans and programs for protecting the environment.

As per the vision of the Principal, "The curriculum will not be textbook driven or fragmented, but will be thematic, project based and integrated, skills and context shall not be taught as an end in themselves, but students shall learn them through their research and application in their projects. Textbook shall be just one of the many resources". Eco club was officially inaugurated on January 26th 2012 by the Ex President of the school Management Committee, Mr. V. S. Sunil.

According to the words of the Vice Principal, "The growth of the school which has been recorded in glittering colors gives me a sense of elation and pride. And we try to stimulate our students to put in extra ordinary effort in order to make winners out of them". The Eco club takes initiative steps in saving the environment in all aspects.

Under the valuable guidance of the President of the School management committee Dr Debashish Bhattacharya and his team, a remarkable progress has been achieved in a short span of time.

In addition, Mr. Unnikrishnan, head of the department of Social Science and other members of the department extended their cooperation in all our activities.

Samuel E. John,