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01 / Jun / 2023

Computer Science Department - AI Session


AI is an emerging trend in today's world, and recognizing its significance, the Computer Science Department organized a session for the eighth-grade students. The session was conducted by Dr. Mohammed Aref Abdul Rasheed, an assistant professor at Dhofar University and an expert in the field of AI.

In the session organized by the Computer Science Department, Abhigna Jayanthi from XA extended a warm welcome to the esteemed resource person. Her welcoming words set the stage for an engaging and informative session.

During the session, Dr. Mohammed Aref Abdul Rasheed interacted with the students, providing valuable insights into the scope of AI in machine learning. He emphasized how AI has gained immense popularity worldwide. The students had the opportunity to learn about the applications and advancements of AI and understand its growing influence on various aspects of our lives.

Following the session, Aneeta S Shibu from X D took the opportunity to propose the vote of thanks. She expressed her gratitude to the resource person, Dr. Mohammed Aref Abdul Rasheed, for generously sharing his valuable time, expertise, and insights with the students. Miss Anita acknowledged that his presence and expertise greatly enriched the learning experience for everyone present.

In addition to thanking the resource person, Miss Anita extended her gratitude to several key individuals who contributed to the success of the session. She expressed her appreciation to the Principal, Mr. Deepak Patankar, for his support and encouragement in organizing such events. Anita also thanked the Assistant vice Principals, Mrs. J Anita Rose and Mr. Vipindas, for their guidance and assistance throughout the planning and execution process.

Furthermore, Miss Anita expressed her gratitude to the Head of the Computer Science Department, Mr. Mohammad Javed, for his leadership and efforts in organizing these types of sessions. She acknowledged the department's commitment in providing valuable opportunities for students to learn and explore emerging technologies like AI.