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01 / Dec / 2022



28th and 29th of November 2022 have indubitably become the red- letter days in the annals of Indian School Salalah which is celebrating its 40th year of establishment. Spanning over a period of 40 continuous hours without a moment’s break, the school was successful in bringing together all its stakeholders under one umbrella in relay reading with an objective to promote reading, which is one of the most important skills in language proficiency.

More than 700 readers-that includes the students from classes V-XII, management members, school admin, teachers, parents, alumni and eminent members from the community participated in this 40 hours relay reading. Their reading of almost 10 books in 40 hours made this dream a reality.

The momentous occasion commenced at 7am on 28th November with an impressive address by Mrs. Anita Rose, Assistant Vice Principal. She in her speech highlighted the reason for coming up with such a phenomenal initiative. Her address threw light on how the school had conscientiously planned gripping and riveting events like Blood Donation Drive, Clean up drive, Tree Plantation, Palm Art and Football Shootout throughout the year to promote goodwill as part of 40th anniversary.

The Relay Reading was inaugurated by Dr Syed Ahsan Jamil, President of the School Management Committee by reading a few pages of the book “You Are Unique” by Dr APJ Abdul Kalam. The reading was then taken over by the Principal, Mr. Deepak Patankar, Dr. Abubacker Siddique-Member &Treasurer SMC, Dr. Shaji Sreedhar- Member SMC and Chairman, Purchase and Infrastructure Committee., Dr. Muhammed Yousoof-convenor SMC, Mr.Mohammed Jabir Sharif, member SMC & Chairman-CSE sub committee, co-convenor of SMC-Mr. Navneetha Krishnan, Mr.Yaser Mohammed M.V, member, SMC and-Chairman-C.C.A & 40th year celebration committee, Mrs. Harmit Pal-Member SMC & Chairman Academic sub committee, Assistant Vice Principals-Mrs.Anita Rose and Mr.Vipin Das.

Other eminent members who continued the relay reading wereDr Khalid Al Mashiki, Dean, College of Arts and Applied Science, Dhofar University, Mr. Julius Sundararaj, Head of the English Department, Dhofar University, Dr. Zied, Assistant Dean, College of Applied Arts and Applied Science, Dhofar University, Mrs. Sabeeha Naheed Ali, Mrs. Hridya Menon exalted the occasion with their reading. The baton was then passed on to the students, parent community, alumni and teachers.

The eventful endeavour came to its monumental culmination at 11pm on Tuesday, 29th November 2022 with the reading done by Deputy Head Boy Master Amogh Malviya and Deputy Head Girl Miss Thamanna Nishthar followed by a note of gratitude and appreciation by Dr.Syed Ahsan Jamil-President SMC, Principal Mr.Deepak Patankar and AVP-Mrs.Anita Rose. The melodious rendition by the student choir to a brilliant composition by Mrs. Deepthi, faculty Music Department added colour to this epoch-making occasion.

Principal Mr. Deepak Patankar in his concluding speech thanked Dr.Sivakumar Manickam-Chairman-Board of Directors-Indian Schools in Oman and DIC-Mr. Sirajudeen Nehelat for their able guidance in all the events and activities of the school. He also said, ‘Reading habit needs to be encouraged and inculcated among students right from lower classes. He also requested all HODs of languages to consider ‘Reading’ as one of the academic objectives in their planning.’